Sunday, May 17, 2015

hellooooo out there

Hi Readers,

On Thursday I listed some patterns for you, and 3 were claimed.  That's terrific!  But, I cannot send 2 of them because I have no mailing address.  I asked that this reader email me...but no answer. So sad for this person.  

So, here is what I am going to do.  The patterns below are offered again.  If you would like ONE of these patterns, just let me know in the comments.  Please make sure I have your email address so I can get your mailing address. 

My email is in the side margin under the heading About Me.

Here are your choices.  You may pick one and might even receive two!  I also don't care that you have received a pattern from me before. :-) I will close the giveaway by Tuesday morning at 9am.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sewing for fall?

I joked with someone a few weeks ago that she wasn't behind in sewing her winter patterns, but way ahead for 2015-16.

Wouldn't you like to be as organized?  Especially with a coat or jacket, necessary in the sleet, snow and rain of northern climes.  Of the many types of garments I sew, jackets or coats have to be a favorite of mine.  I love incorporating small design details in a utilitarian garment.  I love working with wool, or suiting, or home dec fabric.  Unfortunately, I think I have worn a serious jacket or coat twice in the last year.  This is good news for you!  Yes, I have some patterns you might like.  Not these-I was just having fun reviewing my projects.  The lower right jacket is the first "real" jacket I made. 

Patterns to choose from:
sizes 8-14
sizes 8-16 S4403
all sizesV1110  CLAIMED
sizes 6-12 V1069 
sizes 6-14 V1320 
 First come, first served.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sewing has harmed my style

Have you ever seen a pattern, so unlike your usual style, and decided to give it a try?

yes, me too

I had an epiphany when organizing my closet this spring.  I had a number of tops which were interesting, made from neat fabric, but didn't really fit my retired life here in Arizona. Lots of prints, and many, many knit tops.  Buying and making patterns because they were new had resulted in a mish mash of stuff in my closet and no cohesive look for me.  

I participated in 2 style programs this spring, both of which were valuable.  The first was Evolve Your Style-a 31 Day Challenge evolve-your-style  EYS is a basic program on Facebook in which you post photos of yourself and outfits, and get honest feedback.  Very helpful and very supportive!!

Here are a few photos-I concentrated on casual outfits and my makeup. 
 These are representative of my daily clothing-I am confident in my casual, outdoor style.  When I reviewed my photos, I set aside many of the more fitted patterns I have bought. 

 1. I like semi fitted to loose fit in my clothing.

2. Brown, taupe etc are out, and I need to add in blues, black and grey.

 3.  Haircuts are important, as is makeup for keeping my look fresh and current.  I tend to forget about this.  What was fresh and cute at 20 is probably not  so at 60.  :-) 

Makeup-I love to wear foundation for a finished look.   Eye makeup is minimal and Carmex essential.  I was challenged to wear red lipstick!!  Three new and darker colors...I am not convinced that red lipstick is a good look for me.  Plus, the horses don't even notice.  
I was surprised that my eye makeup looked natural as somedays I was using 3 different colors.  I learned quite a bit about colors, skin tone, and what works for me.  

  4.  My face is serious in repose, and    makeup helps me look more  approachable.   

I learned I need to add accessories to make my outfits work.  Here is where I started...then I bought 3 purses, a few nice scarves, and some good shoes for the gym.  
5.  Accessories tie the outfit together, and do not need to be flamboyent.  

These 5 lessons have helped focus me in my sewing now.  I am much more selective in what patterns I buy, and what fabrics I add to my closet.  

I hope this helps those of you looking at all your clothing and wondering what to wear!  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

letting go of a few more patterns

The 3 patterns claimed last week flew off to their new owners and I have continued my sorting.  You might know that I moved into a Tucson townhouse last year...after living for 30 years in the same house "up north".  My sewing studio was a finished room in the basement with lots of space.  I am now challenged to keep everything in a much smaller space.

Here are some patterns which I know I won't be making as it is just the wrong climate for these jackets.  

B5958 OOP
sizes 6-14

B5994 OOP
sizes 8-16

If you would like either of these, just let me know in the comment section.  Make sure I can contact you via email so you can give me your address.  Thank you so much!

In other news, my brother Jim lives just north of me in Phoenix (actually Sun City) and runs the family business.  He and my SIL Nancy are visiting today, partly to see the new house and partly to trade cars with one of my nieces.   Nancy is an avid quilter and I keep trying to get her to sew garments, as she tries to get me to quilt.  I need to find a nearby restaurant for lunch-my brother is a vegetarian and my SIL is gluten intolerant.   Maybe soup at Beyond Bread?  

Happy Sunday,

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

style evolution---------->free stuff for you

I have had the most interesting afternoon in the sewing studio.  I'm working on this Cutting Line pattern:
Look how cute View A is-a little sporty, a little bit baseball shirt, yes?  Well friends, my version no longer resembles a cute sporty baseball shirt because those cut on sleeves are impossible for a petite to fit correctly.  Maybe Louise has some advice but for now, I am sewing by intuition.  I now have cap sleeves and am MUCH happier with the look.  My next challenge is to break up the expanse of blue linen so I don't look I am on a lunch break from the hospital.  

I have been working on style-I am part of a Facebook group called Evolve Your Style hosted by Imogen Lampert of insideoutstyle blog.  The FB group is really interesting-you post a photo of your outfit and get helpful criticism.  There are readings, challenges, and ongoing support.  It is very intense to do every day and I managed about 25 days of posting my outfits.  I sometimes just posted what I was wearing to the barn, and sometimes really planned to achieve a certain look.  The photos are wonderful to review, and the comments are invaluable.  

The comments: ah, supportive, to the point, helpful and not "say something nice" comments.  It is exactly what you would hear from a trusted girlfriend.  I sometimes wish PR was like this.  I so appreciate the comments on my sewing and hope you will feel confident to give suggestions from time to time.

Anyway, style.  I have some patterns to give away by FRIDAY, MAY 1.  They are unused, and pretty current.  Some I bought thinking I would need a cocktail dress, some I bought for a style element, some I cannot wear in the AZ heat.  Here they are:

B 5852 (sizes 6-14)


V 1194 OOP (sizes 8-14)


V 8831 OOP (sizes 6-14)


I have a number of others but these are all I will post today.  If you would like one of these, leave a comment and make sure I have your email address.  Finally, I have done a number of these giveaways and I must tell you I was disappointed last time because 2 ladies neglected to email me to say their pattern had arrived.   Pretty poor behavior, huh?  

As usual, they are free, and I will pay shipping.