Sunday, January 8, 2017

Creativity in a momentous time

As Jan 20 approaches, I find myself tightening.

Street Patterns by geishaboy500 Flicker
My need for calm structure reflects fear.  Can I let any of this fear go?

What will it take to unclench my hand and hold hope again?
artisit: Lynn Holland

Monday, December 5, 2016

Tee time

 It's tee time.  I need some new tops for winter and I need some basics, in colors which will mix and match with many other pieces in my closet.  
The first decision to make was style and silhouette.  I get tired of loose, draped clothing after a long summer of that style so it was time to tuck and wrap and enhance the curves.  I started with NL 6150 in this view---->

It is all done except for the hems and one spot on the sleeve which needs to be resewn.  The fit is good and the tee is going to be a great cool-weather top.  

Next up will be a shell using a mushroom/sage colored knit.  I have wanted to make a few more of the cap 
sleeved shell titled View C (M5890). 

Other patterns in the lineup are Kwik Sew 2643 and Kwik Sew 3740.  All are semi-fitted and will be wonderful tops to wear under a jacket or cardi this winter.  

After renewing my closet and adding to my basic tee collection, I know I will want to get a little loose and beachy. Here is one pattern I am going to play with- 

I am looking forward to a little frost on the cactus this year.  I'll be cozy in all my new knit tops.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

LoriAnne Pattern Collection and my blouse

Here is my attempt to sew on painkillers :-) and use a camera!   This is LoriAnne's Layered Top #6019

The design includes a number of asymmetrical overlapping layers in front and a center back and darts in the back.  There are no closures as it simply slips over your head with the V-neck.  The pattern is easy to construct and comes together quickly for such a complicated design.  I think that speaks volumes for the illustrations and written steps in the instructions.

I measure out to a 6-8 using her sizing but I walked the pattern and chose to make this in a 10-12.  It's just too big, though, and I will need to do some alterations using the back seam and side seams.  I decreased the length of the torso pieces by 1.25" but neglected to do so with the I will work on those too.  I did decrease the shoulder seam by 5/8".

I am not disappointed in what I see wrong here but happy that I was able to complete this while drugged and in pain.  I love the design and will try again using linen or a sturdier cotton from stash.  This is in gauze and it stands away from the body a bit.

Off to plan version #2, Mary

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Standing on my own two feet

No, that is not me over there but I am attached to my walker for a few more weeks.  I have graduated from light weight bearing on my right toes to heel to toe strides, at 50% weight bearing.  Stoked!

When I am cleared for a cane, I will have to do some serious shopping for a fashion statement.  The walker really is quite institutional and ugly.

The last 2 days have been wonderful for me.  I am still tired due to the anemia, and still in pain, but my mind is clearing and I have more emotional control.  I was able to do a little sewing-I attached a facing to a blouse and tomorrow will press, clip and understitch.  I am making this--->Layer top 6019 from LoriAnne Pattern Collection.  I'll check in with all of you in a day or so and let you know what I think of the pattern.  So far I am loving it.  

Hope your holidays were filled with cheer, and you have been able to find time for renewal in your own sewing studios.  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

poor, poor, pitiful me

A nod to Terri Clark, who wrote the lyrics for the song-thanks Terri, this is how I feel at times.

Early in November my horse and I parted ways in a quiet manner but my landing was absolutely deadly.

The femur is the strongest bone in the body, and I managed to break mine in 3 places.

I share this educational graphic with you in the hopes that you might forgive my absence...the break was bad enough and the cure?  Oh god.

I got my staples out yesterday and I will be starting PT in a week.  In the meantime, I am enjoying floating through my days in a fog of pain pills, chocolate and ice packs.

Nick and I will be able to ride out together in early March, and maybe even before that.  In the meantime, my trainer has ridden him once and will put a few more rides on him.  The fall was not at all his fault as I was way out of balance due to my own yee-hawing down the long side of the arena.  We were such rockstars until he stumbled and I fell onto his neck and then he bucked.  Oh well.

Art is out for the time being as I cannot concentrate, sewing is too detailed right now to manage.  I am reading and sleeping and doing chair exercises.  

So, please don't delete me off your blog reader as I will be back.  We all have lots to discuss concerning the future of our country and the state of fashion :-)